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  Jefe de cátedra de Karate-do
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Roberto González Haramboure
(Ray Haramboure)



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    In the 34th number of it magazine, we published the arthicle "Perfeccionamiento curricular..", in wich we refered not only the rediscover and quantification of the bioenergetic influence in the human body, but also its relation with the sport sphere. In that oportunity I only worked with karate-do, with the objective to concrete my doctoral thesis, but at present we are in considitions to generalize the criteria. In in it arthicle we dont make a deep study of the historical, teoretical nadmetodologycal aspects, is because we have already done it in the arthicle mentioned before, and we dont want to be repetitived, mainly when it arthicle can be assumed as an extension from the first one. For the present work was taken the results achieved after using some contents from the Eastern Physical Culture in several sports, mostly of them national teams that requested the consultanship of our Special Therapies Laboratory, sowed in the following table:

    In any of the cases existed difference in the sport training between the experimental and control groups, with the only differenece that the first ones received the influence of some energetic contents. The comparison of the measures taken at the begining and the end of the training macrocicle, allowed not only see the average of increase, but also to reaffirm the superiority of the experimental goups over the control groups. It can be seen in the following table.

    This use of bioenergy in sport training is not new, and we can see that in the international sphere has been used many boienergetic contects by some firts level athletes as the twice diver world record Jaques Mayol, the twice fencing olympic champion Ramón Fonst, and the several times world and olympic champions and records Carl Lewis and Inge de Bujin, from Athetlics and Swimming respectively. All of them has practiced into their own prepartion process several martial arts, what reaffirms that the inlfuence is located in the component that join all of the martial arts: Bioenergy. Some of those experiences have been done before to our work in the mentioned laboratory and for that reason, from the point of view about content, we have only continued this use. Otherwise, from the point of view about that way of use, after a long bibliographic seach, we can assure that we are propossing a use of those bioenergetic contects without empirism, because it is the first time that those contects are used systemized into sport preparation process, and with concrete objectives directly involved with it process.


    The bliographyc source used in it work was the amount of thesis storaged in the Special Therapies Laboratory, where all those experiments about the use of bioenergy with the objective to improve the sport shape, and consecuently the competitive results, has been done.

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