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Jesús Castañón Rodríguez y María Elena Martín Pérez

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    Athletics has given rise to compositions since 1981 in order to get the emotions of the hurdle races, sprint and long-distance races thanks to Ron Goodwin with The Trap and Vangelis with Chariots of fire. The horse races have been origin of inspiration for all the 20th century, since 1907, with:

    Cycling has given the musical comedy Tour de France, by Edward White, whereas winter sports have given rise to the songs Pop Looks Bach in general and Skaters' Waltz, by Waldteufel based on skating.

Blowin' in the wind

    Music which has to do with sports which cut the wind is formed by Surf in USA, by The Beach Boys for surf, and Yacht RACE, by Jack Beaver for yachting.

Born to run

    Musicality of the engine in full output is registered in formula one racing cars with Motor Sport, by Roger Barsotti, and Devil gate drive which belongs to the United States singer Suzi Quatro.

Saturday afternoon fever

    It is the field of the great sporting spectacles where a lot of musical compositions are present at the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In this way, a lot of songs about baseball, cricket, football, hockey and rugby are registered.


    Baseball generates compositions since 1908 with Take Me Out to the Ball Game, by Albert Von Tilzer. And the compositions dedicated to United States players are relatively frequent as well.


    Since the end of the 19th century, cricket has given rise to all kind of compositions. In the United Kingdom, in addition to illustrious amateurs like Freddie Mercury (The Queen group's vocalist), it is numerous the list of players who have had special compositions, like Grace, Ranjii or Sir Donald Bradman, who even managed to compose a song. In this way the following melodies and songs are registered:

    This sporting discipline also generates musical theater thanks to:

    And it shares social and musical success with football in the years from what is registered in the song Goal And cricket, by John Ireland in the 1920.


    But the multitudinous passion for football is the one which has a great variety of genres and musicians. Thus, in the United Kingdom, it gives rise to the Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical comedies named The Beautiful Game and Variations on a Theme of Paganini.

    Since 1927, music and football are joined when there are special fixtures because of the celebration of a final-Cup. In the fifties it is adapted to the narrative style of the calypso, but it is since the World Cup in 1996 when a first convergence between football and the pop-music industry appears till the nineties and its integration in the multimedia industry based on the video games as well as the different editions edited by EA Sports.


    Hockey starts with the James Gallatly's melody named A Hockey Song and later it registers compositions dedicated to ice hockey such as:


    Finally, also rugby becomes a sporting discipline with numerous dedicated themes. For instance:

Sports got rhythm

    Golf and boxing beat or keep the rhythm of music as well. The first one, thanks to The Divots with the album Golf Songs and their songs Senior Citizen Living and Driver. And the second one, with the group Survivor and its theme Eye of a tiger.

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