Project of Rescue, Study and Promotion of Children's Games.

For several years, I have looked, and have invited others to look, at the patios of rural schools. Our project of rescue, study and promotion of popular children's games presents a specific observation methodology, register and work strategy which includes active participation by the teachers in these schools. The theoretical tools and techniques which facilitate the teachers' active participation in the various project activities are taught in special capacitation workshops.

The enthusiasm of the teachers often extends into narrative exercises through which we are invited to make imaginary visits to their schools to familiarize ourselves their students' realities. Many of these works will soon be published under the title, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Come Into the Patio!" ("Señores, Entren al Patio!") One of the stories is called, "Jámbol!!" - written in 1994 by Marcela Gómez and Ornella Scarlino, secretary and teacher, respectively, of the Elementary School Nº 139, of El Bolsón, Province of Río Negro, Argentina.